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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Here at Hoxton Commercial Cleaning, we recognize the importance of your premises and its reputation in the eyes of the public. By providing you with our high-quality core cleaning services, you can rest assured that the display of your premises will always match that of your brand and give guests a positive appearance of your office. Our office cleaning services also significantly allow you to supply your team with a clean, smart, and uninfected working environment.

We supply the service and help you require, whether located within a small office, a large retail building, or numerous sites with varying needs.
You can contact our friendly, generous team for a quote. If you’re seeking reliable and top-quality cleaning services for your business, Hoxton Commercial Cleaning can provide tailored solutions that prioritize safety and efficiency. Our team offers professional and trustworthy cleaning services to ensure the highest quality measures for your company.


Friendly And Professional Cleaning Team

Our company, Hoxton Commercial Cleaning, specialises in delivering personalised solutions for different cleaning and servicing needs. As a company that deals with creating the “ideal image” of buildings and workspaces, we thoroughly understand the need for personalised cleaning projects. The use of the right products, the extent of organisational input, the need for experienced workers, and the importance of compliance with hygiene measures and quality controls are a few factors in servicing various environments.

Our friendly, professional team comes in convenient when our customers demand specific skills and products to service an area within a set time limit.

Hoxton Commercial Cleaning Services has incredibly high criteria, which is why we are so recognised. Our team is professional and skilled and undergoes frequent training. They know that quality is as essential to us as it is to you and aims to demonstrate it daily!

If you’re searching for trustworthy and efficient office cleaning in London, contact Hoxton Commercial Cleaning Services for a free quote!

Exclusive Office Cleaning London Service

Hoxton Commercial Cleaning understands the importance of maintaining a high level of service when interacting with your customers. We are aware of their needs, demands, and expectations. This demands an office area that visually describes your high standards of service. With this in mind, our services provide tailor-made cleaning services for your office. Constructing on our knowledge of working in an array of different office spaces, our expertise ranges from cleaning offices of all shapes, sizes, and looks. We’re happy to offer a free consultation as part of our office cleaning services in London. It’s our pleasure to provide this service to our valued clients. At every stage of our service delivery, we value your satisfaction and trust in us.

During our consultation, our qualified staff will assist you in finding the best service for your office and front desk. We will take into account the materials, location, size, and working hours of your space to ensure an ideal fit. After a free consultation, we will provide you with a no-cost quote. Our team will also assign site supervisors to your location to oversee and manage our services using detailed information and briefings. At all times of our service delivery at your office, you can expect professional service to comply with all your specific needs. Call us today for our office cleaning London services.

Reliable & Trusted Office Cleaning Services

Our office cleaning services are the core of our business. We know that a clean, hygienic office creates a delightful and efficient work environment. Stepping into a clean office means your staff will feel more effective and motivated, and your clients will feel assured of professionalism. We deliver a range of award-winning cleaning services throughout London. Our cleaners are devoted to what they do. We have a strict recruitment procedure and rigorous training program to guarantee that all the cleaners in our team are professional and fully assured of delivering outstanding cleaning services. They are also devoted to their roles and are loyal and reliable.

Commercial office cleaning service in London: 

Because keeping a hygienic and safe office environment is essential for your team:

  • Washing Colour Coding System Applied.
  • Antiviral Sanitisation of high-traffic areas upon request.
  • You can get the best cleaner every time.
  • Same-day availability with no minimum contract.

Professional Office Cleaning Services

We will work with you to develop a customized, bespoke cleaning specification to fit your precise needs perfectly. Our office cleaning services include:

  • Office equipment cleaning
  • Washroom cleaning services
  • Kitchen cleaning services
  • Emptying waste bins and recycling
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Daily office cleaning up to 7 days a week

Our deep office cleaning can make your workspaces as clean as possible and deliver complete assurance that your workplace and team are safe.

Features Of Office Deep Cleaning

  • Disinfection to minimize the chances of cold and flu
  • Deep clean of all high traffic areas and areas staff congregate
  • Cleaning of all surfaces throughout the workspace for full coverage
  • COVID-safe office cleaning to minimize the risk of disease
  • Sanitation of all work surfaces, computers, and phones


We provide a free quote for all these services, which provides the clarity we seek to accomplish with our customers to understand their needs down to the very finest of details. Our managers are specifically allocated to your respective areas to observe and control cleaning services.

Why Work With Hoxton Commercial Cleaning Services?

  • Reliable office cleaning
  • Highly trained and motivated cleaners
  • Personalized cleaning contracts
  • Environmentally-friendly products
  • Trained, Vetted, and Experienced
  • Professional Antiviral Sanitization Detergents
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